Hourly Rate: $120/hour

Repair and Maintenance is by book time. No overlapping of labor jobs.

Diagnosis $180/ 1.5 hours, increments of an hour. 

Deals for Fleet Accounts with agreed CONTRACTS. 4-12 vehicles 10% off, 13+ vehicles 15%.

Inspection and Pre-purchase Inspection $90. Vehicle inspection for safety, test drive and code check. 45 Minutes.

We sublet to other shops for body work, washing, tires, and Alignments. 

Booking  guide lines:

Customers responsible for labeling the vehicle as fleet or personal on the booking page. (No appointments on Wednesday's). Saturday appointments need to be discussed and scheduled a week a head.

Use website to book or call into 541-844-1647 between 8am and 5pm Monday - Friday (Closed Wednesday)

Please provide Vehicles VIN and concern for appointment, either one missing appointment will not be set.

**Please be advised that we do not have a waiting room or seating area for you to wait while your vehicle is being serviced. You will need to arrange for drop off and pick up** Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

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