Hourly Rate: $110/hour

Repair and Maintenance is by book time. No overlapping of labor jobs.

Diagnosis $110/ hour, increments of an hour. 

Deals for Fleet Accounts with agreed contracts. 4-15 vehicles 15% off, 16+ vehicles 20%.

Inspection and Pre-purchase Inspection $85. Vehicle inspection for safety, test drive and code check. 45 Minutes.

RV van conversions featuring luxury and technologies of today. RV conveniences but small platform Vans. Consultations available.

Sublet to other shops for body work, washing, tires, and Alignments. 

Booking guide lines:

Customers that are Fleet book for Fleet, Customers that have personal vehicles book Non Fleet. VIN Required.

Fleet repairs Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Non-fleet repairs Monday and Tuesday.

Use website to book or Call into 541 844 1647 between 10am and 3pm Monday - Friday.

Please provide Vehicles VIN and concern for appointment. Either one missing appointment wont be set.

Book appointment below.